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Hi, I’m Sandra B Shannon …

… I’m a UK based Copywriter and Content Writer. I’m also a Baby Boomer who specialises in writing about 50+ issues, taking inspiration from my own first-hand experiences.

If you’re looking for a writer who really knows how to speak to the 50+ market and get results, contact me today.

10 Reasons You Should Be Marketing To The Over 50s

If none of your marketing blogs are aimed at the over 50s, perhaps you should ask yourself… why not? The over 50 demographic covers a huge amount of the population in both the UK and the United States. These are all potential customers you might be missing out on. As a copywriter and content writer
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Is Getting a Puppy Right For Your Midlife Relationship?

Are you considering getting a puppy for your midlife relationship? If your children have flown the nest, it could be just the thing to give you some focus …couldn’t it? Or is there more to it? Getting a puppy when you’re well into your fifties, seemed a very exciting thing to do. And it definitely
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How to Write Marketing Blogs Your Clients Will Love

Content marketing in 2019 is still the best way to increase visibility, but only if you write marketing blogs your clients will love and want to read. According to many top marketers content is still king, but the rules have changed. Today, it’s all about quality. Whereas once, you could churn out post after post
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Midlife Crisis - How I Survived and How You Can, Too

Midlife crisis sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it? The dictionary definition of crisis has two interpretations. It can mean a time of extreme trouble or danger, as well as a crucial stage or turning point in the course of anything. So, perhaps the phrase midlife crisis is not so off track. Read on to find out
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How To Make Your Own Emotional Comfort Kit

Making your own emotional comfort kit is a great idea. I heard about the concept a while ago and immediately liked it. Most of us have a medical first aid kit in the house, don’t we? So, why not an emotional one, too. Even when you’re not under any particular kind of pressure, it’s beneficial
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