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Hi, I’m Sandra Shannon

  1. A Coventry-based Content Writer with a passion for crafting words to create powerful stories for your business.
  2. I’ll work with you to produce impactful blog posts and website content where your personality shines through.

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How to Write Better Using Mind Mapping & Brainstorming
Mind mapping is a technique used to expand your thoughts on a particular topic. Used alongside brainstorming it can be instrumental in producing innovative results. Both mind mapping and brainstorming come under the umbrella of lateral thinking. Or, as it is commonly known, ‘thinking outside the box.’ These two techniques are invaluable when it comes
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SEO Content - How To Do It Without Overdoing It
One of the best ways to build your audience is through content writing for your blog. But, how do you make sure it’s SEO content without overdoing it? Exactly how do you make it work? Isn’t finding the right balance difficult when you have to navigate all the rules and myths that come with search engine
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A Quick Guide to Creating Successful Case Studies
Creating successful case studies will add value to your content marketing. People love real-life stories and case studies are just that. They illustrate the real life situations of your customers. More importantly, they demonstrate solutions your customers have gained by using your product or service. It’s the reason they’re so powerful. People will relate to
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