10 Reasons You Need To Target An Older Audience

If none of your marketing blogs are aimed at an older audience, perhaps you should ask yourself… why not?

The over 50 demographic covers a huge amount of the population in both the UK and the United States. These are all potential customers you might be missing out on.

As a copywriter and content writer with an interest in the 50+ market, I know the benefits of reaching out to this audience, so here’s 10 reasons why you should be marketing to the over 50s.

1 It’s a big audience

Over 50s today make up 37% of the UK population, that’s not far off 24.5 million people. In the United States it’s a similar story with 35% aged 50 or over.

That is a massive audience you definitely can’t afford to ignore.

2 They have money to spend

Disposable income is higher in this group than in any other. Many over 50s have finished paying their mortgage, but are still working. So they have lots of spare money.

Those no longer working may have built up a good pension pot. So not only do they have the money to spend, they also have time to pursue other interests or ventures.

3 You can still have fun

Just because this audience is more mature doesn’t mean everything has to be ultra serious. Over 50s still have a sense of humour and often laugh at the same stuff younger audiences find amusing.

Don’t forget baby boomers grew up watching TV programmes such as Banana Splits, the Fonz in Happy Days and Monty Python. They appreciate humour and enjoy a laugh.

4 They love spending on their grandchildren

Even if they don’t spend loads on themselves, if there’s grandchildren on the scene they’ll be open to spending their money on them.

A report by Sunlife predicted Britain’s grandparents were set to spend a whopping £2 billion on gifts for their grandchildren in December 2018.

5 They are web savvy

In spite of what many think, a large proportion of over 50s are web savvy, using the internet in all the same ways as younger people.

Those who are not, most likely still prefer traditional print media.

6 They get social media

Even if social media doesn’t quite get them, the over 50s understand social media a lot better than they’re given credit for.

They often use it in a different way to younger people by seeking out content for a specific purpose.

7 They’re loyal customers

It may take a little longer and a slightly different approach but once you win over the 50 plus audience, they’re more likely to stick with you.

Then it’s up to you to continue building engagement and strengthen the relationship. In other words. if you stay loyal to them, they’ll stay loyal to you.

8 If they like a brand, they’ll tell their friends

They’ll also let other people know if they like and are impressed by your brand.

9 They love a good story

Like their younger counterparts, over 50s love a good story and like to be entertained.

Just so long as it’s written well. A mature audience will see incorrect spellings and bad grammar as just lazy.

10 They’re keen to try new things

Many over 50s see their second half of life as the chance for adventure and trying new things.

So, you can tap into this forward approach too, as long as it’s not over-the-top extreme.

If you need a copywriter who knows how to engage with the over 50s, you can contact me here.

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