Three Lessons Learnt from Past Businesses

Three Lessons Learnt from Past Businesses

3 Lessons Learned from Past Businesses

Avon and Amway were two of the businesses that I was involved in before I realised writing was the way to go for me and although they didn’t work out I did learn three valuable lessons.

At the time, like many people, I knew I wanted more but I was still trying out different businesses to see what would fit.  Both Avon and Amway are classed as multi-level marketing and I came across Amway in the 90s when it had a surge of popularity here in the West Midlands.

The idea was to recruit people into your team and they in turn would recruit people into theirs, and so it went on. So, you may ask, how did you make any money? Well, many of the people who joined up didn’t make any money at all, because the emphasis was on recruiting a team, not on selling products.

There was a system to keep members motivated and positive. Cassette tapes and books would be promoted on a regular basis.  Books such as, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People by Steven R Covey and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. There were lots of others and they all had a positive, motivational or inspirational message.

Up until that point I had no idea that so many self-help books existed. Many of the books on Amway’s list have been read by some of the most successful entrepreneurs today and so I decided to  continue buying and reading those sort of books.

I joined Avon in order to make some extra money and because I knew and liked the brand. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was signed up by one of the top selling sales leaders in the UK.  She started out in exactly the same way as any other Avon rep and was at that time, and still is, making serious money with high sales and her own team of representatives.

I was inspired by her success and set out to sell Avon and build my own team of reps.  It was at a time when I had just divorced and moved home and I pushed myself to a standstill becoming quite seriously ill with pneumonia.

I did make money, though, and probably would have carried on if I hadn’t become so unwell.

Lessons Learned

1) Even if things don’t work out, look for something positive to take away

I never made any money doing the Amway business but the one positive thing I took from it was the power of self-help books and audio tapes and the realisation that they can help you succeed in life.

2) Success in anything involves hard work

To be successful at anything in life involves sustained and consistent hard work, which is why it is so important to do something you enjoy and are passionate about. Ask yourself if you would do it for no money, or in other words for the love of it; because if you wouldn’t you probably won’t put in enough hard work to be successful at it.

3) Trust your intuition

With both Avon and Amway I should have trusted my gut instinct which told me, in the case of Avon, slow down and with regard to Amway, no belief in the business. Your intuition will often give you a strong sense of what is best for you and it’s worth listening to as it’s usually right.

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