5 Ways To Make Sure Your VoIP Customers Are Happy

How to keep your VoIP customers happy

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and means making calls using the internet.

The top advantages of VoIP are that your customers save money and they have access to many more features than a traditional telephone system.

Also called internet calling, IP telephony or internet telephony, this method of communication belongs to a growing market.

According to Wisdom Plexus, there were 1 billion mobile VoIP users in 2017 and there is expected to be 3 billion projected mobile VoIP users by 2021.

To stay ahead in this competitive market you need to make sure your VoIP customers have few or no complaints. So, how do you do that?

This post looks at 5 ways to make sure your VoIP customers are happy.

1. Have a smooth on-boarding process

As a managed IT services provider selling VoIP, your business will have gone to great lengths to gain new customers. It’s a good idea to continue that effort after the customer finally signs the deal.

Especially as technology has a way of developing issues at the outset. Customers will feel unhappy if things go wrong and will expect a solution from their provider.

Create a great first impression by making the on-boarding process as easy as possible. The best way to do this is with excellent communication. If you respond swiftly to any hiccups, you will build trust and keep your customers.

As well as communicating due to issues, as a general rule make sure everyone in both teams knows what’s going on at every stage.

Customer’s needs vary so providing a tailored service with customized documentation let’s them know their custom is valued.

2. Provide great customer support

Poor customer service is one of the main reasons for complaints. Remember, most companies won’t be able to deal with system problems themselves. So, good support is crucial.

Make sure issues are resolved in a reasonable time. A common complaint is being kept on hold for too long when phoning a support centre. The problem can quickly turn to frustration if the support team are unable to help perhaps due to inadequate knowledge.

Similarly, email or ticket response times should not be unreasonably long. Again, good communication plays its part in keeping your VoIP customers happy.

3. Make sure VoIP technology performs well

A common pitfall can be internet connections that are not good enough or insufficient bandwidth to support VoIP. Although this is not always the fault of the provider, the complaint will usually be directed toward them.

Not offering a scalable system is another issue it pays to get right. Find out what your customer’s expectations are and make sure the system can keep up with projected business growth.

Other common complaints include hardware issues such as poor quality phones or adapters. If the hardware does need to be replaced ensure there is adequate availability.

4. Review VoIP packages and prices

Feature packages can generally be quite similar among providers but often there are significant variations across the cost. 

In today’s fast-paced market, potential customers will expect significant financial advantages if they’re asked to sign up for a twelve-month or longer, contract.

In the space of a year or two, there could be other more affordable services or better features on offer elsewhere.

Then, if a hike in the price follows the deal which initially enticed the customer to sign up, they’ll inevitably look elsewhere for more attractive terms.

So, review your prices regularly and adjust accordingly to help your business stay competitive.

5. Keep up with new trends in the industry

Keeping up with new trends in the industry will help to build your brand reputation. Stay tuned to any breaking news or developments to reassure your customers that you’re in touch with latest advancements.

Your reputation will grow if your customers feel you’re at the cutting edge of industry development.

Building your brand reputation is one of the most important aspects of today’s market. Keep an eye on relevant review sites and ask your customers for feedback and testimonials.

Final Thoughts

Avoiding the most common pitfalls will make sure your VoIP customers are happy. Businesses want an easy to use system with minimal issues that will save them money.

If you can deliver a quality system, then regularly review and improve on service, your business will grow. Both new and existing customers will be happy.

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