Motivation to Write

Finding the motivation to write

Finding the motivation to sit down and write is not always easy. Having good intentions is one thing, but actually doing the deed on a regular basis can be another thing entirely.

There will always be other jobs that need to be done; that’s a fact of life and there’s no getting away from it. Even Stephen King, in his book ‘On Writing’, admits to getting called upon to do such things as unblocking the toilet when he’s in the middle of writing. So, we’re in good company!

So what can we do to make sure the writing gets done among all the other little jobs vying for our attention.

A reward to look forward to

When I first became serious about getting into print, although I fully intended to get paid for it, I also wanted a ‘reward’ to look forward to. I wanted something tangible that I could look at every day that would give me the motivation to write.

For me, it was a bottle of champagne. It had been a gift, but I decided it would be a good motivator and I stood it on a shelf where I would see it every day. It stayed there for some time, and I looked at it often, thinking about how I would feel opening it, tasting it, enjoying a touch of luxury that symbolised celebration.

I continued to send out stories and the bottle of champagne remained untouched. On more than one occasion I wondered if it would ever be opened. Then one day a cheque fell onto the door mat. I couldn’t quite believe it as I opened the letter and discovered a cheque for £75 for my short story.

The champagne was immediately put into the fridge to chill and that evening as I quaffed a glass of the icy cold fizz, it tasted good!

It seemed a great way to celebrate getting something published so I continued to use the ‘bottle of fizzy’ as a motivator for a good while after. It worked until getting published became more frequent along with the trips to the bottle bank. I moved to different things then, sometimes small rewards such as the latest best seller or a trip to see a film at the cinema. Other times it would be more expensive things, depending on how much I had earned.

Seeing your name in the byline is fantastic and something you never seem to tire of, also having money in your hand for something you’ve had published is a great feeling. And then, the icing on the cake; a reward of your own choosing to say well done to yourself and to keep you moving forward.

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