Feeling Overwhelmed? - Keep Goals Small

Feeling Overwhelmed? - Keep Goals Small

Chunk it! – How to Handle Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s common these days to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things going on around us. There seems to be a never-ending list of stuff to do and a constant influx of information coming at us from all angles; TV, internet through tablet/laptop or mobile phone, radio, newspapers/magazines and so on.

It’s no wonder then, that we can sometimes feel as though we are sinking with the weight of it all and why we feel recharged after a good holiday.

For anyone writing for a living, or aiming to, feeling overwhelmed from time to time is a natural reaction.

Setting lots of small goals will make getting to your main goal less overwhelming. These could be simply how many words a day to achieve, or more complex goals such as marketing your work, getting a website up and running or finding an interviewee for an article.

Write a List of Goals

Breaking down a big project into smaller tasks begins with writing a list of each goal needed and then working your way through.  In writing, every book that was ever written started with the first word, the first sentence, paragraph, page and so on. Every wall ever built started with one brick. There’s no shortcuts, it’s the same for everybody.To do list

It is much easier to stay focused if you write a list of goals first. Then you get the satisfaction of ticking off each goal that is completed.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and usually that’s because there’s a lack of certainty about the task in hand. Asking someone who’s done what you want to do is a good way to start. Finding a book on the subject or getting some training are other ways.

Keep Going

Concentrating on each small task will help you to keep going and maintain a sense of achievement. Fit the task into what time you have, so writing 1,000 words a day might take one to two hours but these could be split into half hours or 45 minutes.

Reward yourself

Keep in mind the end goal you’re trying to achieve and

reward yourself each time you complete a smaller task.

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