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How to Create A Successful Case Study – a Quick Guide

If you’re a business looking to drive more leads and close more sales, a case study can do both.

According to a report by Zoom case studies are one of the top three effective types of content B2B marketers use for content marketing purposes.

They will add real value to your content marketing.

A case study will illustrate the real life situations of your clients. More importantly, they demonstrate solutions your customers have gained by using your product or service.

It’s the reason they’re so powerful. Businesses will relate to the story and see the message as proof of your competency and reliability.

If they have a similar problem, the answer is right in front of them, all packaged up in a case study.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get it right.

Find your customer

The first thing to do is to find your customer. Ideally, you’ll have consistent engagement with your clients. Following up on a regular basis and making it easy for them to contact you will help to create a connection.

If your customers know they can talk to you and get a quick response, it should be easy to find those willing to be case studies.

Interview your customer

successful case studyInterviewing your customer will provide the flesh to the bones of the case study. Record the interview so you get the quotes exactly as they’re spoken.

Offer your customer the chance to read over the quotes in the case study. Then, if there are any mistakes they can be put right before it goes live.

Have a beginning, a middle and an end to the story. For example, what was the situation or problem your customer had? How did your service or product help to resolve it? Finally, what was the outcome?

Don’t forget to proofread your case study. Using a spelling/grammar checker such as Grammarly will help you avoid mistakes.

Include images

Get some great images to go into your case study. Your customer may be willing to provide these. If not, you may have to take some yourself. Images are vital in any post but particularly in case studies.

What else can you do with a case study?

Once your case study is finished, apart from putting it on your website, what else can you do with it? You could take a quote or two from it to use in your social media posts.

If you compile a few case studies, make them into a series. Then, post one a week under the title of success stories.

Does your case study includes statistics? If so, you could create an infographic with the data, then share it on social media.share on social media

LinkedIn is also a good place for case studies. Try sharing yours on whichever industry related group you belong to.

Case studies with potential make great press releases. But, the story has to be newsworthy to get published.

Does it include some new information that your industry may not know about? Does it have a dramatic outcome? Perhaps a catastrophe was prevented?

Finally, is the case study worth following up in the future? There’s no reason why you can’t create a second case study with the same customer.

How much further on will they be in six months. They may be approaching a milestone or about to turn a corner in their business. Ask them to keep you informed and follow up with them from time to time.



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