How to Make Your Writing Space Work For You

Make your writing space work for you and be more creative, productive and efficient. Creating a well-organised aesthetic writing space is easier than you think.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a massive room with views of blue skies and countryside or a tiny box room, as long as it’s your writing space and you can shut the door and lose yourself in your writing, then you can make it work for you.

My own writing room is quite small. I’m happy with it and I think it’s just the right size for me. It’s a little bigger than the standard British box room I grew up in, which was big enough for a single bed, bedside cabinet and a double wardrobe and that left only a few square feet of floor space!

It has my desk with laptop and plug-in keyboard and lots of shelving. I keep most of my fiction books in the writing room. It has a sofa bed which is used occasionally as a bed and a good sized coffee table that fits the height of the sofa, so I can sit and work there, if I want to.

Tidy Writing Space
Tidy Writing Space
Keep Your Writing Space Neat

As a creative, you probably know how important it is not to have too many distractions. Some you can’t control, but others like untidiness, you can. Being surrounded by trash drains creative energy.

Keep your writing space neat and organised. Have a tidy up at the end of every session. Throw out any rubbish, put books back on shelves, pens in the pen holder, coffee cups in the dishwasher. It makes cleaning the space easier too, if the work tops are clear.

If you don’t have any storage space I would suggest investing in some. Get yourself some shelving, a bookcase or unit with shelves, in fact, anything where you can store files, reference books, paper and other stationery. If you have limited space, try a portable storage case or box, some of which have pull out drawers.

A notice board or section of wall where you can display things is also a good idea. Use it to pin up your calendar, writing schedule (very important) and any notes on whatever you’re working on, article, book, blog post, etc. Use it for reminders, deadlines and writing goals.

Make sure you have good lighting and the temperature is right. Aim for arm enough but not so warm it makes you drowsy.

A window is great but don’t face it if you’re going to be constantly staring out. I sit facing the wall. My window is to my left and I look out at the enormous beech tree every so often for a few seconds, to rest and refocus my eyes. In the summer I have the window open to let in plenty of fresh air.

Personalise Your Writing Space

Personalise your writing space with some photographs of family, friends and pets. I have my twins and my partner staring down at me, spurring me on. I also buy postcards or small prints from time to time with scenes on that I like.

Scented candle
Scented candle

I love candles, incense and scented oil burners. I often buy them when I’m on holiday. The latest is a red cherry love hearts one, bought in Cornwall. It smells delicious.

You could also have fresh flowers or an indoor plant or cacti. I’m lucky to have a lavender bush in the front garden so I often put a few sprigs in a tiny vase to scent the room.

Stock Up On Stationery

Stock your writing space with the necessary stationery. Creative people tend to be slightly addicted to stationery, I know I am, so splash out and go a bit overboard. Get some colourful note books, folders, pens, pencils, felt tips, post-its, etc.

You will be more likely to put them to good use if you buy ones you like. I use note books constantly and again, often buy them on holiday. I like the ring bound type as they are easier to use.


Summer is a great time to buy your stationery as many stores will have good bargains aimed at students for their return to school in September.

Buy a decent sized calendar so you can jot down your word count for the day. Also, go for one with pictures and a theme that pleases you.

Mine, for 2018, has influential people from the past and their achievements. July has a picture of Albert Einstein and his quote is “The only source of knowledge is experience.” June has an image of Isaac Newton and an apple. His quote is, “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”

Writing Space
Writing Space

When you have optimised your writing space, be proud of it. You put it together, it’s your space so enjoy it and use it!

Happy Writing!

What is your writing space like? Does it help or hinder your creative energy flow? Do please comment and let me know.


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