Project – Magazine Ad for Lancôme to introduce a new lipstick and get customers to make a purchase. (This is a Spec Ad and TrueYou Match Lipstick is an imaginary product. Product image created by Lancôme).

Brand – Lancôme is a French luxury perfumes and cosmetics house and is part of the L’Oreal luxury products division. They specialise in high-end skin care, fragrances and makeup.

Strategy – The lipstick is a new product aimed at women aged between 24 and 40 who regularly purchase luxury perfumes and cosmetics. These women enjoy paying extra for a high-end product that helps them look and feel their best.

The company wanted the ad to show that the lipstick is a new type of product that matches the wearers lip colour without looking fake. They wanted women to know that this lipstick enhances their natural beauty and is a look they can wear from day to night. It also hydrates to keep lips soft and healthy.

It was important to mention the advanced formula which includes reflective pigments and hydration.

In keeping with Lancôme’s brand style, I used a bold statement, ‘signature lips, naturally,’ to introduce the lipstick. ‘Signature lips’ is an on-trend term and adding the word naturally adds a sense of inner beauty and therefore not fake.

I further emphasised this benefit by using the words, ‘effortless natural beauty from morning ’til night’ to highlight to customers the ease of looking and feeling their best, in a natural way.

Project – PetBase Ltd approached me ahead of their website launch asking for copy for their about us page. They also wanted several articles for their guides and advice section.

Company – PetBase Ltd is an e-commerce website site company focusing on the world of dogs.

Strategy – After an initial meeting, I determined that the company wanted their story to show their unique brand voice; informal, fun and a little quirky.

As keen dog owners, it was important for them to let their audience know they used the products on their pets to reinforce trust in the brand.

I wrote the story piece focusing on the team pet dog Tink, who had inspired the idea of the company.

The mission statement highlights three vital points, awesome products, quality in both products and customer service and a warm welcome, as they wanted a community feel to the company. I also added in the word ‘impawtant’ to give a quirky element.

To further highlight the fact that they use the products on their pets, I suggested naming Tink as Head of Product Testing.

The articles for the guides and advice section focus on dog grooming and dental care and include a top ten list and a complete guide to washing and grooming your dog.

Project – Promotional email for Johnson’s CottontouchTM Hair & Scalp Oil to increase awareness and revenue. (This is a Spec Ad – although the company and product are real, the email campaign is imaginary).

Brand – Johnson & Johnson are a global healthcare company, known for its high quality baby products.

Strategy – The company wanted to send a promotional email to customers to increase their awareness of CottontouchTM Hair & Scalp Oil and get them to buy the product.

They wanted an emphasis on the fact that a baby’s hair and scalp is a sensitive area but can also be protected by using their product. They also wanted customers to know they can rely on Johnson’s usual high quality.

I led with the main benefit of the product; that it soothes and protects baby’s sensitive scalp. The headline will also be the subject header, to entice customers to open the email.

I then added three short paragraphs to expand on the main benefit, with a clear call to action button to get customers to click through to Johnson’s website and buy the product.

Finally, I used bullet points to let customers know the technology behind the product.

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