Ad Copy (Print) – Magazine Ad)


Project – Magazine Ad for Lancôme to introduce a new lipstick and get customers to make a purchase. (This is a Spec Ad and TrueYou Match Lipstick is an imaginary product. Product image created by Lancôme).

Brand – Lancôme is a French luxury perfumes and cosmetics house and is part of the L’Oreal luxury products division. They specialise in high-end skin care, fragrances and makeup.

Strategy – The lipstick is a new product aimed at women aged between 24 and 40 who regularly purchase luxury perfumes and cosmetics. These women enjoy paying extra for a high-end product that helps them look and feel their best.

The company wanted the ad to show that the lipstick is a new type of product that matches the wearers lip colour without looking fake. They wanted women to know that this lipstick enhances their natural beauty and is a look they can wear from day to night.

In keeping with Lancôme’s brand style, I used a bold statement, ‘signature lips, naturally,’ to introduce the lipstick. ‘Signature lips’ is an on-trend term and adding the word naturally adds a sense of inner beauty and therefore not fake.

I further emphasised this benefit by using the words, ‘effortless natural beauty from morning ’til night’ to highlight to customers the ease of looking and feeling their best, in a natural way.