Connect with your audience and get results

I work with technology and software companies who want to make more money using creative content that connects and builds relationships with their audience.

Let’s face it, writing about technology is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, you want copy that your audience finds interesting, actually understands and enjoys reading (so they’ll come back for more.)

Your computer experts, engineers, programmers, technicians, developers, geeks and gurus, are great at doing their job. But, they’re on a different level to your customers.

Your customer doesn’t always need to understand the intricate details of how the technology works. They’re more interested in why they need it and how they’ll benefit.

Which is where I come in. As a technology copywriter, I’ve got enough knowledge to be able to understand your IT services but I won’t hit the customer with jargon they can’t follow.

I’ll create highly researched data-driven copy that reflects your brand voice while taking into account UX, optimization and design.

I specialize in data-driven blog posts that drive traffic and win more customers. I can also help with email marketing and case studies for your business.


When you hire a professional copywriter you want to know your copy is in safe hands. When you hire me, you get:

  1. High quality error-free content
  2. In-depth researched and data-driven posts
  3. Up to date search engine optimization
  4. Pitch article ideas based on your target audience
  5. Attention-grabbing titles and formatting for readability
  6. Royalty-free images if needed

I care about producing high quality work, hitting deadlines every time and an end result that makes you, the client, happy.

I price projects on a case-by-case basis and my day rate starts at £300.  Contact me now to find out how I can help you reach your target audience.

Monthly retainer and packages are also available.



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