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Top Ten Spelling Mistakes You Should Avoid (Infographic)

We all make mistakes, even top authors and bloggers. But, making mistakes in your blog posts or website content can give visitors the wrong impression. Even worse, you could end up losing money if a visitor to your site clicks away because of an error.

Don’t worry if you’re not confident at spelling or grammar; you certainly won’t be alone. Many words sound the same when spoken, but can have different meanings. Like ‘its’ and it’s.’ Do you know which one to use?

If you’re not sure, then you need a system to make sure your blog post or website content is error-free. Using an infographic like the one below, is a good start. Also, you should learn how to edit your work professionally before you hit publish.

Here are the top ten spelling mistakes you should avoid for quality writing that makes sense and won’t lose you visitors and money!

Even familiar words can look wrong!

Even the best of us can get brain fog, especially if you’ve been sitting at the screen all day. I sometimes get a complete blank with words I’ve known how to spell all my life!

After a long day writing, some of the most familiar words can look…well, just wrong.

An infographic can be invaluable at such times. If your spelling and grammar is not quite up to scratch it will save time and embarrassment.

Apostrophes can cause confusion

Apostrophes can cause endless confusion. In the examples below, each apostrophe indicates a missing letter from the word.

So, in the case of they’re, the missing letter is ‘a’ so without the apostrophe it would read as two words; they are.

Similarly in the case of it’s, the missing letter is ‘i’ and written in full would be, it is.

Make use of the spell-checker

Make use of the spell-checker when you’re writing, then any words you spell wrong will be highlighted with a red line.

Of course, you should still edit your work yourself, as spellcheckers sometimes get it wrong, too.

Another great tool is the Grammarly Spell Checker. There’s a free version and it checks your grammar as well as spelling. It’s great for a basic check on your work, suggesting improvements if a sentence doesn’t read well.


Here’s ten of the most common spelling mistakes and corrections. Use this to make sure your writing doesn’t contain these errors.

Spelling mistakes infographic

Hiring a copywriter is another way to make sure your copy and blog posts are high quality and don’t contain spelling mistakes. If you need professional help, contact me here.


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