Top Ten Spelling Mistakes You Should Avoid (Infographic)

Top Ten Spelling Mistakes You Should Avoid (Infographic)

We all make mistakes, even top authors and bloggers. It’s vital then, to thoroughly edit your work before you release it to the public. Here are the top ten spelling mistakes you should avoid to ensure your writing doesn’t look as though it’s been written by an amateur.

Many of these words sound the same when spoken but have completely different meanings. Putting in the wrong word can have disastrous consequences. You could end up with a sentence that doesn’t make sense!

Even Familiar Words Can Look Wrong!

Even the best of us can get brain fog, especially if you’ve been sitting at the screen all day. I sometimes have a complete blank with words I’ve known how to spell all my life!

After a long day writing, even the most familiar words can look wrong.

An infographic like the one below can be invaluable at such times. If your spelling and grammar is not quite up to scratch there are examples to show the correct usage for each word.

Apostrophes Can Cause Confusion

Apostrophes can cause endless confusion. In the examples below, each apostrophe indicates a missing letter from the word.

So, in the case of they’re, the missing letter is ‘a’ so without the apostrophe it would read as two words; they are.

Similarly in the case of it’s, the missing letter is ‘i’ and written in full would be, it is.

How to Avoid Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

When writing, it’s always a good idea to keep your spellcheck on. Any words you spell wrong will then be highlighted with a red line.

Of course, you should still edit your work yourself, as spellcheckers sometimes get it wrong, too.

Another great tool is the Grammarly Spell Checker – a free online tool where you can check grammar as well as spelling in your writing.


Top ten spelling mistakes

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