Your Writing Room

Writing Room

Do you have a writing room? It doesn’t even have to be a room; it could be a space in one corner of a room. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s yours.

I used to write at the kitchen table, in the bedroom, sometimes on the sofa in the lounge if there was no-one around.  It doesn’t make writing impossible but it’s much easier if you have a dedicated space.

Now I have my own room. There’s nothing fancy about it, it’s quite small, but there’s plenty of room for my desk and book shelves. I even have a small sofa bed and coffee table in there.

If you are serious about your writing you will need some kind of space you can call your own. This is the place where you show up each day and be creative with words. If you have your own space it tells your subconscious you are serious about writing.

It means you are more likely to stick to your writing schedule if you’ve gone to the trouble of creating your own writing space. It sends out a message to members of your family that you intend to do something with this writing talent you have.

You can have some fun setting up your writing room. It’s going to be the place where great things happen so make it count. Have things you like in there, pictures, photographs, ornaments, books, whatever makes you feel happy and you have space for.  Rearrange or add things as the mood takes you, it’s your room so you can do anything you like. When you step into it, feel pleased with how you’ve arranged it. And then sit down and write!



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